Our delicious extra virgin olive oil is obtained mainly through a selection of the best olives of the precious native cultivar Ogliarola Garganica. Together with the “Coratina” and the “Leccino”, we have our four lines of extra virgin olive oil, each with its own taste to satisfy all palates.


Taking up the ancient traditions and new knowledge, taking advantage of the exceptional qualities of extra virgin olive oil.


Our first testimonial because it expresses all our values ​​100%: tenacity, talent, humility. 100% Garganico oil with our 100% sample.


Which oil can best enhance your recipes? How to choose the best combinations to make your palate explode with taste?

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giulia gardani bolognigiulia gardani bologni
13:27 08 Jan 23
Thanks to Raffaele's courtesy and to the special quality of the olive oil from the Fratelli Vieste oil mill, the choice of wedding favors for our wedding was really love at first sight!We have chosen precious bottles decorated by a local artist, black and white, which tell of the legend of Cristalda and Pizzomunno..a romantic local product, skilfully presented by the Vieste Brothers.Our guests liked it very much and reordered the oil and reused the very elegant bottles to put on the table.Strongly recommended!
Francesco ScalaFrancesco Scala
09:57 05 Dec 22
Fabulous company, which is located in an enchanting place and where an excellent quality oil is produced. The Cristalda and Pizzomunno lines are my favourites, I chose them as wedding favors because they are elegant, refined and are perfect for sealing the wedding moment. Really cool!
Giuseppe LattanzioGiuseppe Lattanzio
15:57 04 Dec 22
We have long thought about what to give our guests to remember the best day of our lives. Many ideas went through my head and many were immediately discarded, because following only and exclusively the "fashion" of the moment, we weren't interested at all. We wanted to pay homage to our relatives and friends with something that will remain engraved in their memories forever, as it will forever remain in our memories and hearts on our wedding day. We then decided to opt for something that perfectly combined the tradition and goodness of our land. What could it be if not a bottle of oil, the yellow gold of our territory? Having to choose something that fully complied with our premises, we had to choose a product that was the essence of eternal love par excellence. The "Cristalda and Pizzomunno" line of the Fratelli Vieste oil mill is par excellence the oil that celebrates love in all its nuances. Romantic, intense, legendary and, above all, unique. Thank you because with your little masterpiece, you have contributed to making our day an eternal legend. Long live high quality oil, long live the legend of Cristalda and Pizzomunno and long live the Fratelli Vieste oil mill.With affection and esteem, Peppe and Nancy
18:43 11 Oct 22
Wonderful olive oils. Small factory outlet, with an insight into the manufacture and production. The prices are fair and the products are really high quality.The tasting was ok, the employee was a bit unmotivated
Ruggero BoggianiRuggero Boggiani
16:47 16 Sep 22
For years we have been vacationing in Puglia and we are looking for the best local products, we found this oil mill and we were first fascinated by the mixed sales center between history and technology. always sought after, the price at this point is necessarily relative .. we also want to thank for the kindness and availability provided by the property that has followed us and explained all the procedures wisely and without presumption .. thanks for sure goodbye
Alessandro FERRAZZOAlessandro FERRAZZO
12:32 15 Sep 22
Beautiful location super helpful staff x advice and more !!! Prices in the norm. A place to recommend
Pasquale ScottiPasquale Scotti
05:44 30 Aug 22
A very neat looking family business. Friendly and qualified staff.Tasting of products with detailed explanation of the production chain.Excellent oil prices
Michal GasperMichal Gasper
16:38 19 Jun 18
Nice people and interesting experience

Our awards and recognitions: Joota Awards, EVO IOOC Italy Internation Olive Oil Contest and Forme d'oro