Oleificio Fratelli Vieste: official partner, alongside Luigi Samele

How do we announce such an important moment for our company? With what words? And what are the right ones to express so much pride? Let’s let a photo speak for itself. There is our champion, Luigi Samele, silver medallist in sabre at the Tokyo Olympics. “Our’ because he is the most beautiful and successful expression of our land, a success story. Our oil could not find a more beautiful story to tell and accompany it.
From today, a flourishing collaboration between Luigi and Oleificio Fratelli Vieste begins.

So in March 2021 we announced the collaboration between the mill and Luigi, known to everyone as Gigi.  Our first testimonial because he expresses 100% all our values: tenacity, talent, humility.

100% Gargano oil with our 100% champion.

It was a great emotion to stand on the platform with you in Cairo and win alongside you. A bronze that is worth gold. After five years, Italy returns to win a world medal.
The final hit of an incredible comeback came from our Luigi.

Luigi Samele, Mondiali di scherma il Cairo

La stoccata finale di Luigi e la vittoria

In August, we finally met in person, but it was like meeting a person from way back. We laughed a lot with your short oil-tasting performance and, like good Gargano people in summer, we got into it with ‘Pane e Pomodoro’, the snack of champions.

At the crusher you will find the shrine with Luigi’s uniform, the one he took to the piste in Cairo and won with, the one with our logo and his sabre. It is his gift to us, and it is beautiful.