The new mill Deor

The idea is to represent the passage of time not as individual moments but as a flow, the continuity is provided by the olive trees in the background, all immersed in a landscape that opens up from the countryside to the sea.

In May we started work on the new deor of the olive oil mill: the sofas and seats, pallet tables, cushions and vases to make waiting or tasting more comfortable. Everything was designed to allow our customers and visitors moments of relaxation in the shade of our pergola. But something was missing.

Thus began the search for someone who could illustrate the walls of the deor by telling a little about our history, our origins and our land. Giacomo Cassetta, illustrator, designer and artist succeeded in this. After just over a month of work, he brought to light this beautiful illustration divided into three panels.


If you get closer you can hear the birds chirping, the workers’ voices, the sound of millstones and the smell of the sea and new oil. 💚