How to choose the perfect wedding favor?

Whether it is for a wedding, communion, baptism, graduation or a celebration for an important event the “wedding favor” or end-of-event cadeaux always remains a difficult choice because, in addition to the photos, videos and stories, it will be that physical object that will be the most talked about, the most loved or criticized.

The choices for a cadeaux are many but the important thing is to choose something that really represents us and has deep meaning for us.

That is why our Cristalda and Pizzomunno bottles have been chosen by many newlyweds. They represent their land, their roots, their love as strong as that of the famous legend of Cristalda and Pizzomunno famous, by now, all over the world.

“Guys we chose Pizzomunno and Cristalda line as our wedding favors for our wedding held in Vieste in September 2021 and better choice could not be. A gift appreciated by all, a memory they will carry with them forever. Thank you Raffaele for your helpfulness and kindness. Excellent quality and price. You will not regret it.”

Marco thus told about his choice of Cristalda and Pizzomunno as his wedding favor. We were so happy to help and follow him and that his favor left a mark on all his guests.

“Fabulous company, located in a lovely place and where an excellent quality oil is produced. The Cristalda and Pizzomunno lines are my favorites, I chose them as wedding favors because they are elegant, refined and are perfect to seal the moment of the wedding. Really great!”

“We thought for a long time about what we could give our guests to remember the best day of our lives. Many ideas went through our heads and many were immediately discarded, because to follow only and exclusively the “fashion” of the moment, we were not interested at all. We wanted to pay tribute to our relatives and friends with something that would remain forever engraved in their memories, as forever will remain in our memories and hearts, our wedding day. So we decided to opt for something that would perfectly combine tradition and the goodness of our land. What could it be if not a bottle of oil, the yellow gold of our land? Having to choose something that fully respected our premises, we could not but choose a product that was the essence of eternal love par excellence. Oleificio Fratelli Vieste’s “Cristalda e Pizzomunno” line is par excellence the oil that celebrates love in all its nuances. Romantic, intense, legendary and, above all, unique. Thank you because with your little masterpiece, you helped make our day an eternal legend. Long live high quality oil, long live the legend of Cristalda and Pizzomunno and long live Oleificio Fratelli Vieste.”
With love and appreciation, Peppe and Nancy

Francesco and his sweetheart also chose our bottles and oil and so did Peppe and Nacy. To all these newlyweds goes our heartfelt thanks for their reviews and for choosing us.

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